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DIY Glitter Piggy Bank

I got this fat little piggy bank from Santa Claus many December 25s ago. He was one of those presents that I had no idea I wanted, but it turned out I needed him. I emptied him out once so I could afford my portion of a hotel room in Savannah, GA. I emptied him out again as I saved up for the cross-country road trip that led me to a strange, unemployed place. I emptied him out constantly after I moved and realized all the laundry requires quarters here. And even though he was looking more than a little rough before my last move, I brought him along anyway and the other day it occurred to me that I could give him a *fabulous* makeover--a second chance at coin-holding glory. Naturally he needed glitter and he needed it stat.
First I gathered: white spray paint, gold glitter spray paint, two paint brushes (one large and one small), black acrylic paint and Mod Podge
Then I emptied out Mr. Piggy and washed him with soap and water. After he dried off, I sprayed him white a few times--trying to be patient enough to get an even layer without the awkward drips, but they happened anyway. Once the white paint finally dried, in came the fun part: glitter!

Boom! Glitter pig. Then I sprayed him a few more times to make sure he didn't have an un-glittery underbelly or something ridiculous like that.
Next came the Mod Podge followed by eyeballs and nostrils in black paint. 
Suddenly the transformation was complete. Mr. Piggy got a makeover and now he looks g-o-o-d.

What do normal people do in their spare time?


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