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9 Awesome iPhone Cases

If you didn't come around yesterday, click here to learn why I'm talking iPhone cases today. Spoiler: my phone is naked and I'm indecisive but, more importantly, I'm scared I'm gonna break it. Help me decide which case to get? Clearly the wood theme got me excited so I'm leaning toward those, but there's something perfectly quirky/awesome about carrying around some v-dub headlights. Cast your vote in the comments! Pleeeeease; I can't decided!

Left to right, top to bottom:

1) Lace Wood: Distressed wood just feels sort of magical, amiright? This design takes me back to my middle school days, doodling on everything with White-out pens. via Darkoolart

2) Engraved Wood: Textured wood?! I didn't even know there could be such cases! How does my phone even slide in there? I'm confused and excited at the same time. via Darkoolart

3) Navajo Wood: Apparently I just want my phone cases to be perfectly in sync with my Insta-feed. Oh, and the love of my life. via Darkoolart

4) Petite Party Dots: Basically everything ban.do does is perfection and this just so happens to be the only 6 plus variety they have at the moment and it matches my dino planter. Pretty sure I need ALL of their planners too. via ban.do

5) Groovy VW: I think we all know I secretly long to live in a VW bus, driving all over the country with my sausage dog and eating donuts. Oh, you didn't? Well now you do. via ban.do

6) Teal Ombre Wood: Are we over ombre? It will definitely never, ever grace my head again, but maybe my phone could pull it off. via Brit + Co

7) White Minimalist: Less ombre, more white. How long would it take before it looked filthy? My purse has been known to chew up gum, in the packaging, all on its own. via Brit + Co

8) Mint Wood Lace: I'm loving these intricate details. All lace everything! via Darkoolart

9) Flowers: I like that you can still see the gold in the back with this dainty case. Is it too girly for me though? I have been obsessively Insta-ing flowers lately.. via Brit + Co

Which one should I get? HELP!


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