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Weekend Things

If you follow me on Instagram, you already knew that and if you follow me on Snapchat, then you know too much. The only thing that makes it okay that it's taken me this long to recap our weekend is that fact that she hadn't blogged for, like, 20 days before this post. Thanks for setting the bar high for me, lady. 
These photos are completely out of order; we spent all weekend being basic bitches, so the least I could do was forget chronology in favor of grouping photos by color scheme. Friday night I tried to pick her up from the train station and instead told her to walk down a sketchy alley way because I'm the worst. I found her eventually and we drank lychee martinis like the classy bloggers we are before drinking herbal beer and getting stalked by a creeper who followed us to all the Oakland bars while he quietly laughed along to our jokes and sipped on his drinks--by himself--from a distance. The other creeper we encountered was this dog photo, which now lives with me. Saturday we waited to sit down for a bottomless mimosa brunch for two hours. Yes, two freaking hours in San Francisco, where the weather is unpredictably windy/cold/foggy and poor Oregonians come prepared for sunshine and palm trees (sorry, friend).
1,568 mimosas and two (plus?) hours later, we found ourselves wandering tipsily through the Mission with my very sober friends who chose not to get their money's worth of guava and OJ mixed champagne. We ate chocolate samples, admired a great variety of taxidermy and eventually went dancing before taking photos outside the bar with that dude up there. Needless to say we slept through book club the next morning (sorry, Sarah! I swear we read the book!).
Eventually we powered through the hangovers and explored Fort Funston with Ziggy. We found the coolest shrine to beach trash, Jessi found the perfect sand dollar (that now lives with me too) and walked about nine miles chatting about life and boys (mostly boys). Then she left me for Portland and I cried into Ziggy's fur all night. Come back now, please! Thanks for playing with me!

Who's coming to visit me next? I swear I'll better prepare you for the weather.. maybe.


  1. ON MY WAY!!! Jessi is such a giant compared to your friends hahaha

  2. What a fun time! Love the beach trash shrine, and all the succulents!

  3. My jealousy level is through the roof. Plan A: you both come visit me in NJ and we do NYC and all the good stuff (New Jersey is better than you think, I swear.). Plan B: I come visit you next with the money that magically appears in my bank account overnight. Your choice.

  4. This was a pretty wonderful description of my visit, you did the weather and the mimosas justice for sure. <3 Miss you crazy already. Give Ziggy all my loves and pets :):):) ^^^ I'm up for any and every way to see Alyssa!!!!

  5. LOL for how tall jessi is.



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