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Ringing in 25

Yesterday's post was meant for Friday--my actual day of birthday--and today's was meant for yesterday, but that's what happens when your life is a giant puzzle missing several of the edge pieces (because I always start puzzles from the edges..). It's just a mess and then someone decides to throw the box out so you can't even see what it's supposed to look like. Okay, I'm done with this stupid metaphor. Let's talk about my weekend.

My lease ended Thursday, so my awesome parents moved the majority of my stuff into storage for me and we spent the night at a hotel where my mom and I drank wine in the pool all night. Yea, my mom is awesome. Then Friday my parents took me out to a birthday brunch where we ate hummus and drank spicy Bloody Marys. Oh, and that brownie (which was certainly not dairy-free but certainly worth the stomach ache) was brought to me for free. Then I tried on ridiculous hats at an antiques store while my birthday present--a new thermometer and nail-in-tire-removal for my car--was brought to fruition (thanks, parents!).

Later that night we made our way to a fancy shmancy hotel near the SF airport and I accidentally dragged my dad (and a couple lovely people) to a vegan sushi restaurant. I'm all for vegan food under normal circumstances, but when it comes to sushi, I want raw fish and fish eggs and spicy mayo and ohmygodsomeoneeatsushiwithmenowplease. Luckily the hotel bartender had already hooked me up with a triple shot of tequila/Kahlua/who knows what else, so I just kept on keepin' on with my veggies wrapped in rice. Of course then I accidentally brought us to a bar that didn't have any liquor and I pretty much felt like year 25 was going to be a complete and utter failure until we found a cocktail bar and ate pickles. Clearly pickles make everything right in the world.

Saturday I was hardly even hung over, which is nothing short of a miracle, and the days since then will be explored in a future post. Let's just say I need to find a couple more puzzle pieces first.

How was your weekend?


  1. I do puzzles the same way, starting from the corners, working around the edges and then filling in the middle. I think if I actually applied this to my real life instead of starting from the center piece and then trying to make the big picture come together when I too have lost the box and have no idea what image I'm going for... I think I've taken this too far. Glad you had a great birthday! Oh and p.s., had sushi for dinner last night. Now want more.

  2. oh pickles. you have my heart. ps. do you have a new place yet?

  3. Happy happy birthday!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! Good luck with moving and stuff, too :D

  4. Wine at the pool all night with Mom sounds wonderful!

  5. happy belated my lady love <3

    your weekend looks awesome!

  6. I want to help you find puzzle pieces!

  7. Holy crap so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Found you from Lot 48 and you are twelve kinds of awesome! New follower. And I wish you a happy birthday and a grand 25th year - excited to follow along :)

  8. Happy birthday!! That ice cream sandwich looks amazing

  9. Happy belated birthday gurrrrlll!!! Sounds like you stumbled upon loads of fun places either way!


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