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I confess..

I got my oil changed, took things to two different post offices (because I went to the wrong one first), cooked dinner, worked out, filled up my laundry card, did my laundry, folded it and put it away all in one day. I was disappointed when I didn't get a medal for this. Seriously, running 13.1 miles is easier than spending money, time and energy on things like oil changes and laundry. That's where the real accomplishments are.

I'd rather do all those things 10 times over every day if it meant never having to write another cover letter. For someone who wants to write for a living, I weirdly despise the cover letter ritual.

In lieu of a medal I bought myself doughnuts for my effort. I only picked out three because I knew I'd eat them all in one sitting and the well-intentioned lady threw in an extra four doughnut holes for free. I ate them all.

I never know whether I should write "doughnut" or "donut."

Before doing those loads of laundry I had zero clean undies and I was using a flat bed sheet in place of a fitted one because both fitted sheets were in the laundry basket.

Said laundry basket has a gigantic wire sticking out of the top of it. It's embarrassing, but it also assures me that no one is going to steal it when I leave it in the communal laundry room in between washing and drying. Also, I've thought several times that if someone were to steal it maybe I'd be motivated to buy a new one that's not, you know, falling apart. Strategizing, y'all.

In an effort to conserve water (oh hey, massive CA drought), I've been letting Ziggy clean off all my plates before they go into the dishwasher. This is a surprisingly effective method, but it has turned her into a giant whiny entitled beagle baby who wants to clean off my plate before I've even started eating off of it.

I've also been peeing in the shower, but let's be real, I've always done that.

I think there was a time when I enjoyed the band Bastille, but I truly can't remember because the radio has made me hate them so hard. I'm not even charmed by their accents anymore. I don't care how you're going to be an optimist about this. Just get out of my ear holes.

I've listened to "Stolen Dance" by Milky Chance 234,567 times since discovering it on Sunday. I'm now obsessed with "Down By The River" as well.

I used my tripod to kill three massive spiders in my bathroom a couple weeks ago but only after arming myself with one rain boot, one running shoe and a flip flop for my free hand. I found a big one in my room last night and was greatly desensitized as it only took one flip flop this time.

My tripod is now broken, but I'm keeping it next to my bathroom door for spider killing emergencies.

Breaking my tripod meant I had to take these photos by setting my camera on a utility box. After the first two outfits, a gaggle of children started playing as children should directly in the good sunlight in front of the utility box resulting in awkward posing in front of babies, horrible lighting and eventually taking the rest of the photos inside.

What do you confess?

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  1. you had me laughing with these, particularly the spider and broken tripod situation! Hope you get a new one soon. Taking outfit pictures in front of others is always so awkward for me!

  2. I hate going and getting my oil changed, thank goodness for knowing how to do it myself. Saves so much money!
    I've never been able to write a cover letter, I don't like them either.
    Doughnuts sound delicious right about now.
    Hope you get a new tripod soon!
    Hilarious confessions :D

  3. Donuts are a much better award than a medal. Doughnuts? I don't know!

  4. when you started the one about your undies i thought you were going to talk about how you started using the fitted sheet like underwear and then all i could think of was your in this huge diaper looking thing.. it got weird in my head

  5. Oh I HATE the cover letter too. There's just something so awkward and uncomfortable about it. Just read my blog and resume and hire me.
    Also, last Thursday I ran a whole mess of errands before 1 p.m. since I was off work and decided I would actually totally be down with a career as a professional errand runner.

  6. Cover letters just suck period. I'm job hunting right now and hate them too.

  7. Cover letters are just so stupid. As someone who used to write them and now reads them -- they are wasted effort. No one really reads them or cares. SUCH a waste of good time!


  8. i saw a huge spider in the basement and was afraid to kill it so i used a cup and placed it on top of the spider so it wouldn't get away. then i waited for my husband to come home so he could get rid of it!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. But peeing in the shower is never a bad idea. I love you.


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