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My favorite posts ever

Since I don't have a "best of" tab or anything of the sort (yet), I decided to do a roundup post for new followers to see how brilliant ridiculous I am. While thinking about the posts I enjoy writing/re-reading the most on this here blog, I came across a pattern and it looks like this: drinking, dating, running and a little random ranting thrown in here and there. So here goes, friends, One to Nothin's hall of fame. Or something.

I Might Be Schizophrenic - where I introduce the blogosphere to my drunk alter ego. 

Moscato-fueled Inadequacies - where I give some gif-laden insight into the inadequacies of my adult life (while drinking moscato).

How Running Is Like Binge Drinking - this one fits in two categories! Whatayaknow?

When I Drink.. - also a gif-laden account of my drinking process, always ending in an epic hangover, of course.

Hangover Ponderings - includes a super sexy hungover hairstyle.

Running: An Anthropological Speculation - this is my slightly judgey classification of all the types of people you encounter while running along the road. It's my most visited post of all time and it contains so many sweaty selfies without filters. Pure gold. 

A Tragic Tale of Pain & Stupidity - the story of my billionth time eating concrete on a long run. There's excitement, lots of self-deprecation and even some gore.

These Are My (Workout) Confessions - you know how sometimes people write "confession" posts where they confess to loving their husbands too much? This is the kind of confession post where I admit to having the world's nastiest smelling arm band. Oh, and I photoshopped my face onto Usher, so.. win.

Thoughts I Have While Running - there's a set for a good day and a set for a bad day. 

Unsolicited Dating Advice - not that you asked..

Flirting With Disaster Linkup - my first linkup (with Erin) about dating disasters, which was ridiculously fun.

How TV Set Me Up For Relationship Failure - Nick Miller, Wade Kinsella, all the hot, loser, emotionally unavailable dudes I'm head over heels for.

The One Where I Embarrass My Exes - some dudes have done some funny/adorable/ridiculous things for me, so naturally I blogged about it.

Blogging: The Cons - wingmen have responsibilities: keeping the blog under wraps is one of them.

Things That Annoy Me For Stupid Reasons - apparently I'm not alone in a lot of these.

According to Ziggy - my dog likes to blog for me sometimes.

My First "Vlog" - I made a video because I couldn't think of anything to write. Then it got deleted off of YouTube, so now it's tiny but it's there.

Douchey Song Lyrics That Make Me lol - there might be a part II brewing. Any suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

Top 5 Cringe-Worthy Song Lyrics - songs that make you go "hmm."

Pigmalabiaphobia - any time I can make up a word and include 'labia' in it is a win in my book.


  1. I've read most of these and damn-it I'm going to read them again. When you introduced Rose I knew we'd be besties someday!

  2. I can't wait to check these out. The titles sound like they are going to be great posts!

  3. I vote for more douchetastic song lyrics

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