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Since I told you every single detail from my day on Friday leading up to the weekend, I might as well fill you in on the weekend, too, right? Right.

Friday night I thought I was going to spend the night being irresponsible and taking Fireball shots, but instead I showered, did my hair and threw on my trusty Gator sweatshirt (which my dad bought for me in the children's section senior year of high school) and some equally old, dingy pj pants topped off with Uggs. Side note: do we hate Uggs? I'm confused. All I know is they're ridiculously comfortable and complement the least flattering outfit in history perfectly. So then I watched Glee and fell asleep with my dog. Exciting stuff, you guys.

Saturday I decided to explore downtown Livermore and discovered a soy pumpkin spiced latte that actually tastes like pumpkin! The treasure was hiding in Panama Red Coffee Co., which despite being out of bagels and all meat besides ham, provided me with a dank ass ham breakfast sandwich. I was very pleased even if the hipster staff was slightly off-putting. Then because I decided I needed to continue conquering my pigmalabiaphobia, I took awkward fluorescent light selfies before heading to SF to meet up with Emma. We ventured into the Mission to enjoy crazy expensive and intricate cocktails at Blackbird and drinks in mason jars at Churchill. That one pictured has brandy and egg whites in it. Mind blown. We also stuffed our faces with truffle fries and fancy sliders later on where a very drunk gay man told us we were beautiful and tried to pay for our meals. We didn't let him, but he did try. His boyfriend was not amused.

Sunday I was the laziest piece of shiz you've ever seen. I ordered a vegan pizza because that's a thing that you can do here and snuggled with Ziggy on the couch all day. Oh, but the highlight was probably on the bus ride to the train where the Asian bus driver started singing Christmas carols with the wrong lyrics. "Dashing through the snow, on a one hand open sleigh.." "You better not pout, you better not talk, you better not cry, I'm telling you why.." "Oh tiny bomb, oh tiny bomb.." He was awesome and he laughed like a cartoon character. I super hope he drives me around SF again one day.

Anybody else pumped that even though it's Monday, it's more like hump day already? This calls for a wintry tune. 

Go say hi to Sami and link up your shenanigans, too.


  1. wait. you washed your hair for nothing? wasted clean hair always makes me sad. also i would sing carols with your bus driver.

  2. Vegan Pizza for 1 - like a boss.

  3. Sounds like you had a good weekend, lazy and all :) I love lazy weekends!
    That bus driver sounds pretty awesome.


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