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Songs to sweat to

Since we're doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity erryday in June, I thought maybe you could use some tunes to help motivate you. Sometimes I get pumped up to weird, not-so-upbeat songs, but I tried to avoid those somewhat in this playlist. Besides that, there's no theme whatsoever. Enjoy this eclectic mix and let me know if you'd like future cardio mixes. (Mixtapes are pretty much my favorite things ever) Comment with some of your favorite workout songs so I can stay motivated too!

There's an extra 3 minutes and 7 seconds for stretching/cool down/I couldn't narrow down the playlist any more. Happy sweating and don't forget to drink your water!


  1. Love this playlist, gurl! And I do the the same thing sometimes with random music that gets me motivated that has no right to haha

  2. Nice list! I totally forgot about taste of ink by the used. Bringing back some memories! :)

  3. What a great playlist! I'll have to put it on next time I work out! Thanks!

    xo Becky


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