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Valentine's Day Dress

Dress: Beall's//Wedges: Target//Belt: Kohl's

Happy Valentines Day, friends! Hope you all have a wonderful day full of love.
Shannon and I will be spending the night putting fake engagement rings in couples' champagne glasses at work... because we're servers. And we can. ;)


  1. That dress is PERFECT for today! I am so jealous girl!

    XO, Kelsey

  2. That dress is amazing!! Love the color and lace! valentines day perfection!!

  3. Sweet Dress! And I'd like to hear how it went, plopping engagement rings in customer's drinks.
    LOVE the song. It was my Valentine's theme song this time around too. Lynaea @

  4. OMG STOP BEING SO ADORABLE. i hate you. kidding. i could never.


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