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That Time Nate Ruess Followed Me on Twitter

They are both wonderful. So very wonderful.
Also, let's talk about this for a second:

I totally flipped my shit for the .2 seconds it took me to realize this was not, in fact, the real-life Nate Ruess (lead singer of Fun.) And yes, it took me a whole .2 seconds to realize this, because apparently a very small part of my brain thinks that Nate Ruess following me on Twitter is actually a possibility. Really, though, for those .2 seconds my life was complete. My face got ridiculously hot and I thought I might cry/vom/pee my pants at the same time. Good to know that whenever a crazy life-changing event does happen, that will be my reaction. I just hope someone has a camera so I can blog about it.
GAWD, I love that man.
Have you heard this one yet?
Go listen and be obsessed with me
That is all.


  1. Oh gosh, I've totally been there girl! Let's just pretend that these famous people are following us anyway ;)
    xo TJ

  2. At least you have .2 seconds of total bliss :D

  3. I HATE THAT. And yes...2 seconds is better than none? Maybe? Idk. . that letdown might have been pretty disappointed. That video. That song. Is perfect. I adore it. Thank you!


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