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Friday's Letters

Dear UC, I thoroughly enjoyed my very first gay bar experience. You certainly did not disappoint with your FABULOUS drag queen show. Dear Mark, Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful place. I've missed you and your catty self!
Dear Lady Pearl, I'm not sure how you got your boobies to be the way that they are because they are not the slightest bit fake... I'm officially intrigued. Also, I don't think I've ever been so offended and amused at the same time. Thank you for that.
Dear Bod, Sorry I'm not sorry about all the delicious food I've been bombarding you with. One day I'll get you back to a normal training routine and maybe we'll even try that juicing thing again when my new juicer comes in the mail (!!!). But until then, we'll just embrace the flabbiness.
Dear FL Weather, Remember when you were 80 degrees a few days ago? What happened? I think I got frostbite on my legs last night. Dear Cosmo Horoscope, Whoa. That is all. Dear Butt, Sorry about the Pringles. 
Dear Friends, For more fun hairstyles follow me on InstaGram --> @mackensieg Dear Taylor Swift, It's kind of pathetic how obsessed I am with the Red album. I'm a grown-ass woman. (Ha. funny joke, kens. You'll be a 12-year-old girl forever and you know it.)
Dear Ziggy, You're so cute.. Even when you just sit there and stare at me like a certified creeper. Dear Yamato Patrons, Please be more generous tonight than you were last Friday. #cheapskates 
Dear Readers, Happy Friday!

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  1. dear you,
    share your juicing secret recipes with me. also, we both better not get cheap losers at our respective restaurants. and also, mail me those dogs.

    thank you,

    p.s. my ass hates me too. on account of the deep fried nonsense i ingested.

  2. Great pics! I am loving that aztec like sweater in the first pic.
    Hope you can check out my newest post and enter my current giveaway Over $100 in prizes to be won!

    10% off your first GLOSSYBOX with code GLOSSY32

  3. Some drag queens amaze me as well, there are some I would never guess that they were born men.
    Found your blog through the link up, look forward to following you.


  4. I've always wanted to go to a drag show, I could imagine it would be a blast!
    All that food looks too delicious for words, and now I am hungry.
    Love your letters!

  5. Some more reasons we were meant to be friends: I'm a Leo too annnnd I have those gold and teal earrings!

  6. as always love the letters

  7. Ziggy is always so cute and I haven't had pringles in FOREVER! I did want to share this with you, if that's alright:


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