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Wine&Dine Overview

Saturday night my friend Emma and I completed the Disney Wine & Dine half marathon at Epcot. It was her first race and my fifth, but let me back up to before the race (segue into the past via doodly doo doodly doo and spiral effect a la Waynes World). At about 11am I woke up Saturday morning and took my time gathering my stuff, chatting with my family and half-assedly trying to print my race waiver to "save time" at the expo (where I glanced at the hours and noticed it only ran until 4, so I decided I wouldn't stress but I should probably head out), and I was finally in my car about to drive to Orlando around 1:30pm.  I arrived at Emma's house at 3pm, but I didn't realize that just because someone lives in Orlando doesn't mean it takes 15 minutes to get everywhere in Orlando (like my little hometown of Ocala). So she informs me that it takes about an hour to get to the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex from her house. *Insert freakout here* We then jumped into her Prius, started stress-drinking Gatorade, speeding and even running a toll plaza due to a lack of exact change. We arrived at the sports complex at 3:50, sprinted to the expo and picked up our race bibs by 3:52 and picked up our t-shirts and explored for approximately 5 minutes before the announcer said the expo was closed. That's when we decided we were safe to take pictures.
Lesson learned?
Poor planning not only works out, but it also adds a rush of excitement to your plans!
Then it was just us two wolves running around the desert together in Orlando looking for strippers and cocaine a place to change and dinner. We changed at Publix (after our directionally challenged selves did several U-turns of course) and discussed everything from politics and religion to running strategies over pasta and salad at TGI Fridays. Despite the rush from earlier, we figured it would be best to check our bags a good two hours before last call, so we spent about three hours hanging out with a very enthusiastic runDisney host and a whole lot of costumed folks ready to run and get drunk. We dabbled in the Cupid Shuffle and Macarena. Then it was finally time to get in our corrals. Since Emma had never run before they stuck her in Corral C and since it's much more fun to be nervous, excited and freezing with a friend, I headed back with her. Turns out, neither of us should have been that far back because we were about to cut some b*tches as we tried to start running after the shotgun and fabulous fireworks went off. We probably lost a whole two minutes in that first mile because there were so many slow pokes in front of us. Another lesson learned.

We stuck together pretty well for the first nine or so miles as a mega-death blister formed and throbbed on the side of my left big toe. Finally I needed to slow down and told Emma to go on without me (another lesson learned: When Emma says she's not good at something, she's lying -- always. ;) I then went on my journey through Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot alone. There were mascots everywhere, a giant mechanical turtle, an EPIC Christmas light display (seriously, it was amazing) and finally crazy, trippy fog with a ceiling of laser lights above it leading us to the finish line. Lately my GPS watch has been fritzing on me, so I didn't bother bringing it. I set the stopwatch on my iPhone just so I'd have an idea, but I was interested to see how I did without constantly checking my pace. I didn't look at the stopwatch for almost the entire run because, in true running fashion, my music library kept shuffling on the slowest, saddest, most un-epic running songs ever (nothing like these, maybe I should take my own advice..), so I was pretty stoked to see that there was still a chance I could finish under two hours (my fastest one yet was 2:01:51 from the Five Points of Life Marathon in Gainesville about two years ago) at mile 12. Of course, by this time I was completely exhausted and my blister had probably developed its own brain by this point, but I was determined to at least not slow down.

And I didn't. I finished in 2:00:43, and I officially have a new Personal Record. I am also feeling pretty stoked because not only do I think that if I had been in Corral A I could've broke 2 hours, but I also get to train with Emma in San Francisco when we live together, doing epic races and pushing each other to run faster and be better.
Today I am thankful for great friends like Emma, who are willing to go on adventures, talk for hours and who just seem to get me, 100%. Congratulations, my friend, you rocked your first half marathon.
After we finished, found each other and tried to not barf for a while, we started limping around the food and wine festival. The only bad part about going to a food and wine festival after running 13 miles is that you really don't feel like eating much (oh, and your legs hurt like hell). I decided to use my complimentary $10 gift card in South Korea and Japan, but like I mentioned here, my drink voucher had to be saved for another time -- there was no way my stomach was about to tolerate any kind of alcohol. Some how we still managed to stay out until 4am and didn't arrive back at her place until 5am, which probably explains why I can still barely walk. These calves better be huge by the time they stop burning.. Just saying.

It was a wonderful weekend and I am so glad we got there before 4.

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  1. Congrats on your PR! Under 2 hours is always my goal for a half, and I have always wanted to do the Disney Wine and Dine. AND, I know we just met, but I'm pretty sure you need to post a picture of that blister. You earned it!

  2. Thanks so much for leaving a sweet comment on my blog! I just followed you back!(:

    Shelby xoxo

  3. My friend did that 1/2 this weekend as well!!! I've always wanted to do one of the Disney races. One of these days! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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