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What I Wore

Top: Target / Boots: Steve Madden
 // Sweater: AE //
Top: PacSun / Sweater: Cotton On / Shoes: Old Navy
// Top: Ross //
Yup, I just included my bum-tastic workout clothes in my What I Wore post because on the only two days this past week that I wasn't ridiculously sore I got my workout on (and I might've forgotten to take pictures of my outfits for the past three days). And yes, that Northface jacket is in fact from the children's section. Thanks for noticing. Also, like my new haircut?

Who else is PUMPED for turkey day?! I just looked back at this post from last year and 1) can't believe it's been a whole year since then and 2) I miss that hair. But I'm thankful that I have hair. And even more than that, I'm thankful for my awesome family that I get to stuff my face with tomorrow.  

Have a happy day!


  1. holy smokes, girl, you are tiny :) You look adorable in every photo.

  2. we are thankful for you

  3. I love your "what I wore" posts! Seriously, they are the best! You are so tiny and cute!


  4. Haahha I love your dog in the second to last one, so cute. You're adorable :)

  5. Ok. You are seriously the cutest person ever, so skinny and tiny! I absolutely adore your style the second photo on the right.

    J.P. Photography


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