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Avocado & Sweet Potato Pita

Around lunchtime yesterday I noticed a bunch of avocados laying on the counter that were at that point of no return - you know, where if you don't eat them today, they'll have passed over to the dark side by tomorrow. I Googled creative avocado recipes, but I kept coming back to the avocado & sweet potato wrap I got at Civilization in Gainesville one time (which had the BEST salsa verde I have ever eaten). 

I thought I would just throw the ingredients I thought I remembered there being into this pita & call it a day, but then I realized it would probably just taste like green & orange mush.. so I found this recipe, which I figured had to be good because it called for fancy spices and whatnot; so I followed it to the best of my ability. 

The sweet potatoes were already baked from dinner the night before, so I just stuck them in the oven with all the other ingredients to heat 'em up.

Then I heated up these kidney beans instead of black beans because they're all I had.

I sliced up this avocado because the first one I cut up already had brown veins running through its beautiful green flesh.. how sad.

Then I shoved them all into a pita because I didn't have any wraps and added salsa roja to it (which wasn't nearly as good as salsa verde). Just one half of this pita filled me up. No joke, I gave the other half to Austin. And it was pretty dang good, if I do say so myself.

As far as exercise goes, I sort of alluded to my less-than-satisfactory leap back into the running world in my Friday's Letters post.. it was bad. I ran two miles and the first one was okay, but the second one was pretty dang painful. I went ahead and made an appointment with a chiropractor in town whom my parents have both have had good experiences with. My appointment was yesterday and it was intense, y'all. They realigned my knee -- aka jerked it left and right and up and down. I slightly thought they were going to break my knee entirely, but afterward it actually felt a lot better. So weird. I'm going to attend several more physical therapy sessions to see if it starts improving, and if not I'm going to have to get an MRI.

Also, Ashley of Adventures of Newlyweds was sweet enough to ask her Physical Therapist husband about my knee and he sent me tons of awesome advice. Thank you SO much, you guys! I'm excited to try out these new tips.

Today I am thankful for my friends and boyfriend (and their health). They are all so supportive and they keep me from going insane. Love you guys!


  1. Aww I hope you get better soon! I am so weird with knees so if they had to realign mine ever I would die. lol. You are such a strong girl! I cant wait for that knee to heel and hear you are back out running!

  2. That pita looks so good...I love kidney beans! Mmmm! :) xxx

  3. yay I always do this! I never plan meals, I just search all the cupboards and throw together something. It never comes out looking as good as this though!

  4. Ok that actually looks super delicious, and I NEVER would have put sweet potatoes and avacado together! Poor girl, hope your knee gets better! :)



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