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What I wore

Top: Target / Shorts: AE / Sandals: Target / Necklace: Fifth & Mae

It may be super late and I may be staring into the sun in all of these, but I did it. An actual "What I Wore" post on an actual Wednesday. This is what I call an accomplishment. Do with that what you will. That's all I've got today. My brain isn't working. I'm out.

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  1. AND you're gorgeous. So that's a triple win.

  2. I'm jealous of your gravity-defying lean.

  3. you're adorable!!! love that top. and what a beautiful setting!

  4. Too cute. Loving that top and those sandals. And your background. I'm coming to visit.

  5. oh hey fun crop-ish top. also Thao is legit live if you ever get a chance! They opened for the head and the heart when i saw them.

  6. you're pretty. and that top is killer.


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