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Weekend things

The majority of my weekend was spent working (aka chillin' on the couch while a baby/preteen slept), but the highlights were definitely eating breakfast at the Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland after having a few too many dranks on Friday night and spending stupid amounts of money at Target, which you would already know if you followed me on Instagram. I know, I know, I'm the worst blogger ever, but I have a fancy shmancy DSLR camera coming at me in the mail right now and that means I'll soon have more photos than I'll know what to do with! When that time comes I will hopefully make another pit stop at Brown Sugar Kitchen for a full-on review because I think it deserves one. Those waffles blew my mind and that's house-made syrup and brown sugar butter (which I sadly passed on). I can't wait to take What I Wore post photos in those shoes and show off my other Target purchases in videos and buy cute camera accessories and basically I'm just psyched out of my mind. OH, and there's a new Shakira song and it's amaze-balls (duh). So much excitement on this lovely Monday. You're welcome.


  1. the chicken and waffles look AMAZING. you need to go back for the brown sugar butter!!

  2. DSLR?! what one did you get?! so exciting!

  3. YAY for fancy camera! I assumed you had one because your "What I Wore's" always look so fancy - you're going to love it!

  4. You totally scored with some Essie picks! They are my absolute favorite! Target always gets me in trouble!

  5. This looked exactly like the breakfast I had this morning! I topped my waffle off with peanut butter and granola, so good!!

    Also, I have an awesome jewelry giveaway going on now! Check it out!

    <3 Kelly

  6. Nail polish HAUL! I love those Essie shades... do I see "fiji" in there?

  7. How exciting that you are getting a new fancy camera! Lucky :D Love the shopping haul!


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