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Muir Woods

I spent my Sunday exploring Muir Woods, watching the sunset over Muir Beach, eating vegan pizza at Tony Tutto's and finding it hard to believe I actually live here. This place is wonderful.


  1. i want to be there with you. it's so pretty

  2. so i'm officially jealous of where you live. eugh.

  3. so beautiful! jealous of your warm weather - it snowed here yesterday!

  4. Well isn't that just romantical?

  5. That looks absolutely amazing! Between the giant trees and the water... a wonderland!

  6. Um, wow. Just a few pictures is enough for me to be madly jealous...and I live in London. But may be moving to LA next year and if I do, I must not be in LA. Clearly I need to be closer to San Fran and beautifulness like this!


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