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Best Songs of 2013

Helene in Between

Helene announced she was having a Best Songs of 2013 link up last week and I definitely couldn't resist such a challenge. Of course picking my favorite songs from all genres was just too daunting of a task, so I surpassed most pop, country, hip hop and electronic music so I could concentrate on my indie/alt rock genre that I adore so very much. Here's what I came up with rather haphazardly (although I was adamant about checking the release dates of each album). These are the songs I've been listening to obsessively for all of 2013. Check out my favorites of 2012 here.

What were your favorites this year?


  1. yes, yes, yes, i was hoping you'd make a playlist!!!!!!!!

  2. love the head and the heart and haim! haven't listened to some of these and going to right now!

  3. i guess i need to broaden my music spectrum...i don't know who have of these bands are!! how sad!

  4. Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend was one of my favorites of the year too!

  5. Is it sad that I don't know any of these songs?!

  6. I absolutely love Sweater Weather but hadn't heard of the other songs. I'm glad I was able to check them out though because I love experiencing new music!! :)

  7. Would it be weird / take our relationship to a new level if I asked you to make me a mixed tape? O_o

  8. How were the Arctic Monkeys?!?! I just remembered that you went about a month ago! Do you like Bastille?? I LOVE them, and we were lucky enough to catch them in Omaha this past month. Impromptu road trip anyone? haha Anyhow, the post is here if you are interested! But let me know how the Arctic Monkeys were! Also, great playlist I'm going to have to check out some of it! But I am obsessed with sweater weather.. and Lorde... and unbelievers.. and that one republic song. :) I can't get into the 1975 or Portugal the Man.. but we can't be *completely* compatible.. ha. Also, here is my New Year (Now is The Start) playlist. Part recent Alt./Indie, part older alt. stuff. Either way.. could be interesting to look at? Anyway, I think that's all, happy 2014 and good luck with your resolutions! -Alexandra

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