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Yosemite + Thoughts On Growing Up

Do you realize how much you can change in a few years? I talk about my cross-country move on here all the damn time; I know it’s redundant, but it’s INSANE. My entire perspective, attitude and sense of possibility has shifted and expanded in just three years.
Three impossible, lightning fast years.
It’s liberating, exciting and effing awesome because there’s no way I could’ve realized my Chumbawamba-level resilience and full-on lust for traveling, being outdoors and meeting new people (something that used to bring me more anxiety than happiness).
The thought of being rejected, going on an interview, hanging out with people I’d never met before, getting on a plane or even using public transportation by myself used to freak me out. No joke. I had no idea what I was capable of and now, knowing these little things used to be scary, I realize other things that seem big, intimidating and impossible will just become things as soon as I do them.
In other ways it’s frustrating. I used to have an idea of how I thought my adult life would go. It was simple, lateral, gratifying and lovely. I know I talk shit about Florida, but I had a great time there. Had I been granted the life I once thought I wanted, I’d probably be perfectly content (perhaps more boring) but perfectly happy. Because I moved, because I challenged (and frightened) myself, I now know I’ll never get back to that blissfully unaware kind of happy.
I’m grateful though. Like when I’m driving five hours back from Yosemite after a weekend of camping, taking in the incredible shades of brown, green, grey and blue, trying to catch my breath at 10,000 feet and tingling from the inside out knowing I didn’t settle down, go back, procreate or say no way back when. I would have missed all of this.
I used to think driving five hours in itself was an impossible feat. What could I possibly do to distract myself for all that time? What if I wreck? What if I get too tired or blow a tire? Now I just go. I’ll figure it out. It will be okay. 
I know that now.
I still have plenty of life stuff to figure out and maybe someday I’ll be on a semi-traditional path, but 99% of me will always be grateful I spent my 20s (and probably a good portion of my 30s too, let’s be real) challenging myself in strange, wonderful ways.
But then again, there’s always that 1% that says, "get married, have babies and get over yourself." 

Top six photos caught on film by @Kyle_Jern, see more of his work here.


Today marks week six of marathon training. Even though I've been constantly sore and nervy about each run that's longer than its predecessors, this training cycle is flying by. It feels like I just looked at the program dreading an 8-mile run, yet here I am basking in the lactic acidic glory of a 14-miler Sunday Funday. Yesterday's was the farthest training run I've ever completed. I have six medals signifying completion of 13.1, but never before had I gone that extra 0.9, and it felt damn good, you guys. I couldn't believe it. Normally after a half marathon I'm covered in blisters and lying in the grass wishing I didn't have to make the short walk to my car - granted once I was home, I parked my ass on the couch and watched "You're the Worst" for the rest of the night, but still. I'm sore today, but not out of commission and that feels like progress. I recently switched from Nike+ to Strava, which encourages you to post photos for each activity completed, so above you see some of the rad routes and cute furry animals I've run into so far. Feel free to add me there if you use it too because I've been missing all my Nike+ amigos. I think you can just type in "MacKensie Gibson" to find me.

Are you training for anything? Any of your marathoners have advice for surviving the next 10 weeks?

What I Wore

Sometimes, when you work out after work and you're trying to beat sunset, you wash your face, throw on a hat to hide your hair and post up in front of the wall next to your front door. Then, if you're me, you edit and upload the photos just to let them sit in Blogger purgatory for months before realizing oh-my-god-it's-almost-fall, so you decide it's now or never.
That about sums up blogging for me lately. Sometimes the love is there and sometimes I'm forcing it or throwing a hat over its greasy hair because I know I didn't blog for five years straight just to one day decide, "meh."
I love clothes, I love photos and even if it sounds weird, I love being in front of the camera. So even if I'm not finding the time to give this space the passionate love making it deserves, I'm going to get these #ootds going again.
I hope y'all are down for that.. but let's be real, it's never really been about you anyway. 
 Jacket: Levi's / Tee: Old Navy / Hat: UO / Sandals: Seychelles / Shorts: Local Boutique (similar)

Happy Friday, friends!


Camping & Other Present Participles

Sipping wine from a Tumbler
Floating for hours on a garish plastic flamingo
Inhaling Cheetos, s’mores, burgers
Hiding from the rays under a giant, floppy hat
Reapplying greasy SPF 70 
Watching the sun paint the sky orange, then purple with its descent
Forgetting about hygiene, stress, anxiety
Sitting by a fire, singing along to the ukulele strings
Squinting at the brightest stars, gasping as they shoot across the sky
Falling deeply asleep as my head hits the sleeping bag
Being asked, politely, to turn off the speakers
Hearing Ziggy whine because 10 feet is too far
Smelling the crackling fire and charred marshmallows
Feeling the cool, dry air on my skin and crumbly earth between my toes
Choking down gulps of Hennessy 
Laughing uncontrollably again and again
Waking to the sun forcing itself through the thin tent walls
Tasting the bitter coffee, salty bacon, gooey eggs
Smiling at my people, the dogs, the trees  
Thanking the universe for every hopeful thought, hard decision and crippling doubt
Knowing they brought me here

All photos caught on film by @kyle_jern see more of his work here


Outside Lands 2016

YOU GUYS. Last weekend was my fourth Outside Lands festival (see year one, two, three). I wrote about some of the lesser known bands there here, but for you music nerds out there I'll go over the bands I actually saw. I did a lot of wandering off by myself because while most folks were stoked on Major Lazer and Zedd, I was swaying my lighter in the wind to Ryan Adams and Sufjan Stevens.

Miike Snow, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Duran Duran, LCD Soundsystem

Rogue Wave, The Wombats, Ibeyi, Lord Huron, Big Grams (Big Boi + Phantogram), Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead

The Oh Hellos, DIIV, Lettuce, Griz, Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem (yep, the band from The Muppets), Third Eye Blind, Ryan Adams and The Shining, Lana Del Rey

Long story short: all the bands were amazing except Third Eye Blind, which was disappointing because my 12-year-old self really friggin loves them (everything was documented on Snapchat, so follow me there @marymackensie). The rest of the long story goes something like adventures, changes on changes on changes, overwhelm, amazing music, marathon training runs and the guilt that comes with neglecting real life stuff, like cleaning, writing and making big decisions about the future. So that's where I'm at.

How have you been? 

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