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This post is sponsored by Good2Go but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
It's no secret that I'm a fan of California, but lately I've been advocating hard for the East Bay because I live in Oakland, but not today, friends. Today I want to talk about San Francisco, the city that originally stole my heart and made me love this place. My current job is the first I've had since moving here (happy five-year Californiaversary to meeee!) that has an office in SF proper, and the chick who wrote this post would be VERY stoked about this.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still fully in love with my job and the Bay Area, but the fact that the ferry building (shown above) filled with locally made trinkets, all-organic-vegan-free-range-baked-today-omg-smells-so-good food, with a gorgeous view of the Bay Bridge and ALL the water is a half-mile walk from my office is clearly a thing I take for granted since I haven't even mentioned it here.
There's even a giant farmers market that pops up in front of it every Tuesday and Saturday where I once met a Top Chef contestant and picked out ingredients with the founder of Baia Pasta so he could make us the most amazing pasta dish (while we drank wine and learned about the complex process of making pasta). But on this particular Tuesday, my coworker and beautiful friend Ashley and I just walked over at lunchtime and played with the fresh veggies and bought kombucha (am I assimilated or what?).
While we walked around the ferry building, I checked out the new GOOD2GO app, which is an SF-specific service that points you in the direction of the closest *nice* restroom around and provides you with a QR code that unlocks the door and even automatically opens them for you (this would've come in SO handy when I was nannying and trying to maneuver a giant stroller and two kids under 3 years old who seem to have to pee every 10 minutes). 
It told us to go toward the Embarcadero Center just 0.3 miles away from the farmers market, so we headed that way and played in front of this used-to-be fountain on our way over (water conservation FTW). Unfortunately this bathroom was actually a *future* location, so I didn't manage to find it on this go around, but I ventured out toward SOMA a couple days later and took advantage of the Peet's Coffee location, shown below.
How cute is this sign?!
It was super convenient, and you can get a free trial right now, so if you're planning a trip to SF any time soon, first of all, call me so we can get oysters and bubbles together, but secondly, download the app here so you're never stranded without a bathroom (trust me, there are plenty restrooms you'll want to avoid around this city).

Sooo when are you coming to hang out?

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Stay Golden

I just had the best weekend, guys.

I may not be able to stand up without groaning today and I might not have sleep nearly as much as one should on a weekend, but waking up at 4am to run 13.1 miles in San Francisco yesterday was totally worth it. My beautiful and inspirational BFF, Eva, drove down from Oregon so we could enjoy some Type 2 Fun--a concept coined by Eva that perfectly describes the agony and pure joy that is completing a super challenging task, in this case running for over two hours straight. Type 2 Fun is the sense of pride and warm fuzzies you feel AFTER the fact even though you're miserable and asking yourself why you'd ever pay money to torture yourself while you're doing it.
Type 1 Fun is great too, don't get me wrong. It's impulsively eating a donut, drinking rose or golden beer on a sunny afternoon, or hugging your best friend when you haven't seen her in too long. Our weekend was full of Type 1 as well. We explored adorable shops on Piedmont Ave, drank Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, ate all the things we couldn't eat during the Whole30 last month (including boba tea, of course #runningonboba), and caught up on every last detail we've missed out on by not being able to physically train together.
But Type 2 you gotta work for, and that makes it that much more satisfying. It's the reason hiking Mt. Whitney was the best thing I've ever done even though I wanted to chop my legs off on the way down. It's the reason I ran a full marathon down in Southern California two Novembers ago even though I'd see the full-ers run past as I finished my 13.1s and thought to myself, "god, I'm so glad I'm finished and not doing another one of these," every single time. It's the reason I didn't eat sugar or bread for all of March, and how I started reading so many books a month.
It's why I signed up for a Spartan Race in June (AGHHH) and it's why I always have things like "go sky-diving" and "hike half dome" on my bucket list. I love challenges, and the harder it is, the happier I am after the fact. The San Francisco Rock 'n Roll half marathon was my seventh half I've completed, and still at 6:15am, shivering in the dark waiting for our turn to start, my stomach quivered with nerves and I wondered for the bajillionth time, WHY DID I DO THIS?!
Then we started running, the sun came out as we ran over the Golden Gate Bridge, and I only went over my personal best time by about two minutes--and there was my answer. 
Thank you to Michelob ULTRA for sponsoring this post. Check out their new golden brew made with organic grains here


Mood & Wine Pairings

Friends, Grocery Outlet is having a massive sale on all the wine right now, and they challenged me to come up with some pairings found throughout the store. I found all kinds of good stuff, but instead of just pairing the wine with food, I thought I'd pair it with the moods or phases, if you will, that I tend to cycle through. Go ahead and press play... you know it's gonna get weird.

First up is my fancy, indulgent side. She's usually celebrating something and drinking bubbles, like this sparkling rosé. She's pretty into fancy goat or sheep cheeses, cured meats, and keeping her pinky up when drinking. 

Next up is my hyper, nostalgic side. Every once in a while my inner sorority girl just wants to make everyone do shots, but since we're grown ups now, it usually presents itself as the occasional mini beer pong game and the not-so-occasional Solo cup drinking device for Chardonnay. At the end of the night no one is more grateful for microwave burritos than I am.
Then comes my health nut phase. The one who subjects herself to 30 days of sugar, gluten, grain-free diets and 6am Mon-Fri workouts. She doesn't always drink, but when she does it's usually something light, low in sugar, and with plenty of veggies on the side. 

Finally, there's the high anxiety, low motivation version of myself who wants to wallow in chocolate, binge watch Netflix and drink all the red wine. It's a somewhat unfortunate but fully necessary state in which I am simultaneously recharging and being completely useless.

Which wines do YOU pair with your different moods?

Thanks so much to Grocery Outlet for sponsoring this post. Be sure to stop by one of their stores to get 20% their entire wine selection until Tuesday, April 3. Plus, click here to get $3 off any purchase


House Tour

MMG Cribs is back, y'all! 
This time we're coming through with the common areas, which I can mostly thank my roommates for making pretty. I did get to contribute this baller Bowie print thanks to Photowall though, before we get into all that, I want you to take a moment to reminisce with me. I showed you my old apartment in Livermore in this post, I showed you my room makeover in this post, but I want you to take a trip back to my first year in this place. Just four short years ago, right after moving out of Livermore (on my birthday, I might add), temporarily into the grandparents-of-my-nanny-kids's house, I found this apartment on Craigslist with my roommate (who I hadn't met IRL yet).
This was a v stressful time, y'all. Right after paying the first month's rent and deposit, I realized I needed to register my car in California in order to get a street parking pass in my neighborhood--cut past several DMV visits and LOTS of fees to me calling my sister hysterical because I was about to overdraft on my account. My sister leant me $50, I calmed down, and I went on to get two job offers within a week of moving in (THANK THE LAWD). All this to say I sure as hell didn't have extra funds lying around to buy a nice couch or a TV (things my Livermore apartment was already stocked with). Just look at it! I got used to it though and chose to spend the small change I had that year on essentials like hiking boots for Mt. Whitney and a snow jacket/pants (from the kids section) for my first snowboarding experience (traumatic), so here I am in my bare bones apartment, rockin' my ski resort wear. That TV stand (if you can call it that) was found on the side of the road, just like our mirror and quite a few other essential household items. 
Now that we have that background story, please feast your eyes on our still-a-work-in-progress home. We've come a long way, from that time my boyfriend-at-the-time moved in and brought a bunch of furniture with him (and didn't take it when he moved out--bless him) to the time a not-boyfriend-dude moved in for a month and installed this here shelf/mug storage system (presumably because he was too nervous to ask us to make room for his shit). My two current roomies brought with them shelves, national park prints, book-styling skills, and a balcony space makeover. Isn't it cozy? Ziggy loves sunbathing out here with the succulents. 
Most recently I hung this abstract print of David Bowie, a gift from Photowall--it was delivered with a DIY frame and the print all scrolled up. I was nervous I was going to mess it up, but it was actually super intuitive and it turned out awesome. I love how the red brightens up the room, and since Ziggy is named after Bowie, I thought it was only appropriate to pay tribute to him after looking through all the available prints. They will print your own photo on the canvas as well, which I will definitely consider in the future.
If you're interested in ordering a print from Photowall, you can get 20% off with this code: 
 OnetoNothinCampaign2018 just for the next 30 days
Now, pleeeease tell me your first-real-adult/broke-af apartment stories. All a part of the adulting process, y'all. 

Link Roundup

I do this thing where I email links to myself. I've been doing it forever, but every once in a while I realize that those links aren't going to share themselves, so I write a little link roundup. I really enjoy when other people curate good reads for me, so I'm just returning the favor. Here are some articles, clothing items, Instagrams I've enjoyed over the past few months.

Lee from America is definitely a gal to know if you're into healthy, holistic living. I love these 15 ways to self-love and her honesty about bingeing was really interesting and eye-opening.

If you don't already follow Mari Andrew on Instagram, you're really missing out. I preordered her book and it will be delivered tomorrow. I cannot wait to devour it. 

This mixtape to get your neighbors to stop boning made me LOL may too many times.

I find trend forecasts fascinating, but especially when it comes to snacks. I personally cannot wait for the healthy mocktails, and I'm fully intrigued by pickled watermelon rinds. 

I just bought this oversized denim jacket (I sized up to a medium) so I can cover it with pins and patches. I love the deep pockets and how easy it is to layer sweaters underneath--go figure it's on sale a week after I bought it. 

Never have I ever related more to a personal essay about relationships. In my torrid dating past, I've both been the person who felt too unsettled in my career to move forward with someone who had his shit together, and vice versa. TIMING IS EVERYTHING, and it's frankly a pain in my ass. 

I'm really loving the main writers at Man Repeller lately (besides Leandra, who I've always loved), and this love language quiz for dating made me chuckle. What's YOUR dating love language? 

I thought this blog post about wanting to be seen, but being afraid to admit it, was beautiful. Everyone needs validation, guys. 

One of the weirder hippie dippy trends I've read about lately: tapping. Have you tried it? Would you? What about dry brushing?

I'm so inspired by the brilliant teens leading this movement. I can't wait until they're in office. I didn't get to march this past Saturday, but I was there in spirit and I tear up every time I see them making moves to end gun violence. #NeverAgain 

I definitely hit a wall as far as Does This Have Dairy? goes.. but in the spirit of just freaking starting, I went ahead and made that bad boy public. There is so much I don't know about building a functioning website, and it's not really a thing I have time to learn right now, but I really do believe in this project, so I'm putting it out there. Check out my lactose intolerance story here. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I refuse to let perfectionism stop me from starting. I'll figure it out as I go. Y'all with me? What have you been putting off because the stars haven't aligned? For me, inspiration comes from doing and dedication, so sometimes I need to just do a few jumping jacks, or take a walk, get started and press publish.

Let me know in the comments what you've been putting off. I'm giving you permission, right here, right now, to do it, whether you think you're ready or not. Leggoooo.

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